Did you hear what some piece of human garbage in the white house said about McCain?  I'm not much for republicans, but this dude got shot down in some POS 1968 plane over Vietnam then broke both his arms and a leg ejecting which made crashing in a lake suck that much more.  Using his teeth to pull the rip cord on an inflatable vest just before his gear drags him to the bottom where he drowns, our hero surfaces at a VC beach party whereupon he is stabbed, has his shoulders crushed with a rifle butt, and is then imprisoned without medical treatment.  Years of torture later, when his daddy becomes a big boss of the war and the bad guys offer to let J Mac go home to impress his pops, he refuses because he won't leave his buddies behind.  

Jackasses say wrong shit at me all day every day and none of them paid for the right to pollute my ears they way that man did.  Unless your origin story beats his, respect your betters, little bitch.  And that larger bitch.  And all those males over there.


28 mavericky "


John McCain > You Plaid Bandanga

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